We’re 6+ years into the Switch’s life and the platform is still kicking butt.

Earlier today, we shared Nintendo Q2 fiscal report, and it revealed that the Switch is now 132+ million units strong worldwide. That came with the rather surprising news that the Switch has managed to see a Q1 + Q2 sales total that’s higher than what it pulled in during the same period last year. Selling more units but being a year deeper into its lifespan is just downright impressive.

That’s not the biggest wow moment of Nintendo’s fiscal report, though. The Big N revealed that sales in the first half of the fiscal year were the largest since the launch of Switch. Nintendo said this was due to an increase in sales of Switch, as well as a rise in mobile and IP related income. In particular, Nintendo called out The Super Mario Bros. Movie as a significant driver in that area.

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8M ago

Nintendo is clearly doomed. And they NEED to launch the Switch 2 asap to stay relevant.