Obscure TV adaptation of The Mysterious Murasame Castle surfaces online

The first live action adaptation ever?

07 November 2023
by quence 0

The NES title The Mysterious Murasame Castle just hit Nintendo Switch Online for the first time, and now something even cooler related to the game has cropped up. It’s a Japanese TV special based on the game that was previously thought to be “lost media”, as it aired only once and hadn’t surfaced since. Fortunately, it just got uploaded to YouTube and is now available to watch!

The special in question is an episode of the 1980s Japanese series “Onyanko Club Drama Land”. The show’s primary purpose was to promote the pop group Onyanko Club, but this episode in particular is a live action adaptation of The Mysterious Murasame Castle. It seems that this was the first live action video game adaptation ever produced!

You can check out the entire episode below, which is over an hour in length. If you haven’t already, be sure to play the original NES game on Switch to compare and contrast with this dramatized version!

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