Believe it or not, a version of Grand Theft Auto III was once in development for the Game Boy Advance. The project was headed up by Crawfish Interactive, who worked on dozens of licensed titles for the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance before shutting down in 2002. The GBA version of GTA III was never finished or given an official release, but now a very early version has found its way online.

Unfortunately, the build that has just leaked doesn’t feature much in the way of gameplay. In it, players can drive around and tweak some car settings, but that’s about it. (The screenshot up above seems more involved than any publicly playable version.) Still, it’s fascinating that a small piece of unreleased gaming history is now circulating in the wild.

Grand Theft Auto eventually made its way onto a Nintendo handheld in the form of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS, but this GBA port was never given an official release. Below, check out a video featuring some footage of this very early build.

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6M ago

GTA had 2 GBC games before this prototype, and a GBA game before Chinatown Wars. Chinatown Wars was their 4th portable Nintendo game