The Long Dark updated to Version 2.00.91441 on Switch

It is now an even longer dark

30 April 2022
by quence 0

The Long Dark is an exploration/survival game available on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s received a rather large update this month. The focus of this update is on a variety of bug fixes, as well as a major update to the Unity engine which the game was built on. Here’s a note about that update from the developers:

This Quality of Life update includes a major update of the Unity Engine, to version 2019.4.34f1. Updating Unity touches every system we have in the game, and requires the entire game to be tested. Despite our best efforts, it is possible that such a major update to core technology may have unforeseen outcomes. If you experience any bugs or unusual behaviour that you think might be the result of this Unity update, please submit a Bug Report to our Support Portal.

As for the rest of the update, it includes a long list of fixes addressing issues with general gameplay, art, user interface, crafting, and several other aspects of the game. Click here to read the patch notes in full. This update should be available right now for Nintendo Switch players.

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