The detective mystery game Death Trick: Double Blind has been announced for the Nintendo Switch. It will be launching sometime in 2024 on Switch, ahead of other console releases. In addition, there will be a free demo available on the eShop later today.

In this non-linear detective visual novel set in Morgan’s Traveling Circus, star magician Hattie has gone missing. An unlikely duo – one a fellow magician, the other a private eye with a bout of amnesia – investigate Hattie’s disappearance alternatively, each using their own perspective and information. With only a limited number of actions, they must carefully decide which leads to pursue, looking out for contradictions in the evidence. Sorting through clues and getting to know each whimsical character, they must crack the case by challenging anyone who seems deceitful. Death Trick: Double Blind launches first for consoles on Nintendo Switch in 2024. A free demo will be available in Nintendo eShop later today.

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