Heavenly Bodies ascending onto Switch in Feb. 2024

Would you hold this game against me?

14 November 2023
by quence 0

Heavenly Bodies has been announced for a Nintendo Switch release early next year. This is a delightfully challenging physics-based space puzzler that asks you to complete a series of seemingly simple tasks aboard a 1970s space station. It will be available sometime in February 2024.

Heavenly Bodies is a game about cosmonauts, the body, and the absence of gravity.

Discover the ever-changing nuances of weightless motion in this challenging physics game. Wrangle control of your cosmonaut’s arms with the left and right thumbsticks to push, pull, and clamber through fully physically simulated scenarios aboard a scientific research station.

You have been entrusted to bring into operation Earth’s proudest feat of engineering. With only radio contact with mission control as your aid, you will have to use your sharp mind and dexterous limbs to assemble space telescopes, maintain delicate solar arrays and research cosmic botany. But without gravity, nothing is still, nothing is secure, and nothing is simple.

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