Nintendo tends to keep pretty tight-lipped about their internal activities, so we don’t usually hear from current or former employees about what it’s really like to work there. Even rarer are negative accounts of the experience. Because of this, an unusually candid tweet from former employee Koichi Miura has been making waves online.

As shared by Video Games Chronicle, the tweet recounts Miura’s overall experiences working at Nintendo of Japan. (Most recently, he was credited as a landscape artist for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.) Miura doesn’t seem to harbor any bad will toward Nintendo, but he does say that he had a rough time personally, as he didn’t feel he fit in amongst the other “geniuses and superhumans”.

His statement reads: “For an average person like me, it was hell. However, thanks to this, I was able to realize that I wasn’t suited for the role and found the confidence I needed to pursue other goals. This was the biggest accomplishment that working for Nintendo brought me. I don’t have a single regret for having aspired to work there, getting the job, and then ultimately quitting it.”

Miura has previously worked for Square Enix and Bandai Namco, and is currently a freelancer in the games industry. See below for his full tweet and a rough translation courtesy of Google:

Nintendo was a great company, but I wouldn’t recommend it to others easily because it was a nest of superhumans and geniuses. As an average person, it was hell for me. Thanks to that, I realized that it wasn’t for me and went in a different direction. I was able to make up my mind to aim for this, and that is my greatest accomplishment from working at Nintendo, so I have no regrets about aiming for it and then giving up on it.

Let me repeat this so that there is no misunderstanding, but I really thought it was a very good company and the employees were wonderful people.I was convinced that such amazing products were being produced one after another.I had a valuable experience. Thank you very much for your support.

I believe that using this experience to play an active role and contribute to society will be my way of repaying the favor.

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7M ago

It's an interesting account, for sure, but at the same time he also has "I will become the king of boobies!" In his Twitter display name, so...

If anything, I guess this just goes to show Nintendo ain't no place for people aspiring to be the king of boobies.