Super Mario Odyssey Scavenger Hunt shared by Nintendo

Can you find the BONUS Goomba?

18 November 2023
by quence 0

Nintendo has shared a new family friendly video centering on Super Mario Odyssey. It’s a scavenger hunt hosted by Jordan (and his mom!), in which viewers can try to find different types of Goombas on screen. These Goomba types include Pirate Goomba, Santa Goomba, and more! This is essentially a 12 minute promo for Mario Odyssey, but younger viewers should still get a kick out of it.

Pirates and Explorers and Goombette, oh my! Jordan’s created a scavenger hunt through the Super Mario Odyssey game to find eight unique Goombas. This time, they’re joined by a very special guest, their mom! Join them as they explore loads of fun Kingdoms and find cute, grumpy Goombas.

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