Much has been made of the recent Switch port of Hogwarts Legacy, with a few videos analyzing its performance already out there. Now, tech analysis experts Digital Foundry have released their breakdown of the game and how it compares to other versions.

Unfortunately, Digital Foundry found that this version of Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t run well enough to recommend, although they mention that “less discerning players” could still enjoy it. You can watch their full analysis up above to see how the game looks for yourself, or check out a summary below:

  • Lighting has been simplified, with ambient occlusion and other real-time lighting effects being removed completely
  • Many objects in the environment have been simplified, replaced, or removed entirely
  • Textures look fine from a distance, but are less pleasant close up
  • Outdoor environments have reduced tree foliage, shadow quality, draw distance, and NPC animations
  • Loading screens (15 seconds in some areas, or up to around 40 seconds in others) now separate certain sections of the open world
  • 720p docked, 576p handheld, but no other noticeable cuts for handheld mode
  • Framerate peaks at 30fps, but frequently drops to the low or mid 20s depending on on-screen activity

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