Developer Pathea Games has announced that they’re working on an official patch to address some outstanding issues in the Switch version of My Time at Sandrock. This patch should fix certain bugs involving the game display, inventory troubles, and more.

Pathea Games says they plan to submit the update for Switch sometime in mid-December 2023, which will hopefully result in a quick turnaround time so players can download it. Until then, they’ve provided an outline of the known issues and some temporary fixes. You can read the Switch relevant portions below:

  • After the switch update, the item descriptions are not showing up anymore (Switch). We’re aware of this issue and are actively working on this.
  • The icon display on console is not looking very good (Switch & Xbox & PS5) We’re aware of this and plan to have it fixed along with the big patch later this year.
  • Can’t place too many items in your yard (Switch & Xbox). Due to Nintendo Switch hardware limitations, we have very limited memory size to work with. That left us with very little room to allow for more stuff in player’s yard. At the moment, our team is looking into optimizing the LOD on certain in-game objects and hopefully free up some memory spaces that allow players to add more items. We’ll update players once there’s has been any progress, please stay updated!
  • Unable to adopt the pet ‘Lil Gecko’ once the DLC pack has been redeemed. Temporary Solution: Players will have to progress further into the storyline to be able to adopt Lil Gecko.
  • Sand-dusting icon appeared on of machines but there’s no sand and cannot be removed. Temporary Solution: Put up the machine and place it down will fix this issue temporarily
  • NPC wearing swimwear outfit after Pablo’s Fashion Show. While we appreciate townsfolks wearing cozy summer outfits after the show, this issue needs to be fixed
  • The cut scene bugged out and the game turns into black screen at the beginning of Fang’ Replase quest. Temporary solution: At the beginning of the quest, select ‘We should really call the Civil Corps…’ instead of ‘I’ll take him to my house to rest!’
  • When wearing a hat, player’s facial hair disappears. It’s a known issue and we’re currently working on a fix
  • Pen kept following players after the mission ‘Masterclass’. Temporary Solution: Wait until the next day and Pen should no longer following you
  • The arrival of Penny and Yan caught in Prison happened at the same time, causing the game to stuck and unable to proceed. It’s a known issue and will be fixed in the next update
  • During mission ‘Something in the Air’, the required mission item was not recognized and cannot continue the playthrough. Temporary Solution: Put the mission item inside your bag

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