Action/adventure game A Rat’s Quest - The Way Back Home has been confirmed for a Switch release, but we still don’t have a launch date. While we wait, we can watch this extensive gameplay overview video, which features a detailed look at the game’s mechanics. Check out the trailer above, and read more about the game below.

In A Rat’s Quest - The Way Back Home, Mat the rat 🐀 has to face countless dangers to uncover a dark plot and find his way back home. Join the little rat on his big adventure!

Mat is a young male rat that lives among a rat commune in an abandoned wine cellar, together with his best friend Toby and other rodents. Having felt in love with Nat, a female house mouse kept as a pet in the upper floors, he decides to become a Scavenger, for sneaking to his beloved somehow officially. Being from different worlds, they plot a plan to escape to “the outside” together. His overconfidence however puts them in peril’s way, and not everything in the commune is as it seems.

In a series of unlucky events, Mat finds himself alone, far away from the house. He must make his way back home, overcoming a journey across woodlands, caves, and swamps, defying the overwhelming danger of a winged, poisonous, and scale-bond variety. With a rivet for a sword and nails as throwing daggers, Mat will brave a world to which he is unwelcome.

Help the Scavenger to get back to his friends and save the rat commune from a threat that is bigger than every cheese in the world!

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