One of the most exciting aspects of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is how much it commits to unique, surprising mechanics and ideas. Unlike the New Super Mario Bros. series, it would be extremely difficult to recreate most of Wonder’s levels in something like Super Mario Maker - which is why it’s even more impressive that players have managed to pull off exactly that!

In the above video from BeardBear, Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s third level ‘Piranha Plants on Parade’ is recreated in its entirety by two different users (arnnar and ラガーばくはつしとけ). Both levels include the full suite of dancing piranha plants and musical number, but they use different aesthetic styles. Of course, some liberties had to be taken in order to make up for elements that aren’t present in Mario Maker 2, and that’s part of the fun.

Check out both level recreations above to see exactly how they managed it. You can also follow those creators in Super Mario Maker 2 if you have the game, and try them out for yourself!

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