Today was Day 1 of the INDIE Live Expo for Winter 2023, Japan’s premiere online digital showcase series. The first day’s presentation was over four hours long and featured looks at more than 100 new and upcoming indie games.

In addition, the show featured an awards ceremony, honoring various indie games from the past year. This includes wins for Switch titles like Oxenfree II, Sea of Stars, and Venba. Check out the full list of winners below:

  • Grand Prize - Viewfinder
  • Best Short Game - Viewfinder
  • Rediscovery Award - Oxenfree II: Lost Signals
  • Rules of Play Award - Viewfinder
  • Late Bloom Award - Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • Most Addictive Game - Everspace 2
  • Internet Viral Award - Party Animals
  • Trailer of the Year - Humanity Reveal Trailer
  • Best New Characters - Sea of Stars
  • Best Game Feel - Blasphemous 2
  • Local Cultural Representation Award - Venba

The full presentation featured tons of gameplay from indie games on Switch and other platforms. You can watch the entire English upload below. Stay tuned for Day 2 of INDIE Live Expo Winter 2023, which takes place on December 3rd, 2023.

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