Did you know that Bayonetta 3 features a handful of Easter eggs related to another Platinum game on Switch, Astral Chain? In a recent article, Nintendo of Japan delves into some obscure combat techniques and trivia regarding Bayonetta 3. That includes an explanation for some of the background references to Astral Chain.

The Easter eggs mainly come in the form of signs that can be found throughout the Shibuya area of Bayonetta 3. These includes signs for the “Ilyndho” brand jewelry, and a burger shop called “Larger Burger”, both of which appear in Astral Chain. Of course, there’s also the mascot dog character Lappy, whose statue can be attacked to receive halos. (No matter how many times you attack Lappy, he’ll never be destroyed!)

Check out images of those signs and details below:

Nintendo notes that Bayonetta 3 involves parallel universes, and even posits that it could exist in the same timeline as Astral Chain. Is that true, or are these just fun Easter eggs for fans to spot? We’ll have to keep speculating until Platinum decides to announce a crossover game. Click here to read more of what Nintendo has to say on the subject.

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7M ago

Sequels when? I also wouldn't say no to Bayo Origins.