Super Mario Wonder mod makes Rosalina a playable character

Taking her rightful place on screen

07 December 2023
by quence 0

Super Mario Wonder features the largest cast of playable characters in any mainline Mario game to date, but there’s always going to be a fan favorite or two missing. One of those fan favorites, Rosalina, is missing no more, thanks to a fan-made mod.

This is the first in a “Women of Wonder” mod series created by Dytser. Rather than replace any other princesses, the mod turns Blue Toad into Rosalina. She’ll act just like Blue Toad in terms of gameplay, but she looks and sounds like Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy!

Watch the above video to see Rosalina in action. The same modder has also indicated plans to add Pauline to the game next. Which missing character do you think deserves to be playable?

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