Believe it or not, there’s a brand new RPG coming to the Game Boy Color in 2024. Dragonyhm is a reimagining of Spacebot Interactive’s previous Game Boy release called Dragonborne. In a new interview with Engadget, Dragonyhm’s creator Chris Beach indicates that this won’t be the end of the project, and that it might get more ambitious than its roots:

It started off as just a color version of the original Dragonborne. I thought it’d be a quick job, colorize it and re-release it. But with all the new features of GB studio, we went down a rabbit hole, and we’ve ended up overhauling pretty much everything in the game. We’ve got plans for five [games] at the moment, and they’ll be released over multiple consoles, not just not just the Game Boy.

[Chris Beach, Engadget]

Exactly what form those other Dragonyhm games will take, we don’t yet know. Will they be throwback RPGs as well, or will the series diverge into other genres? Either way, it sounds like this first entry will be a treat for fans of retro RPGs and Game Boy games like Link’s Awakening.

Click here to read the interview in full, and click here to learn more about Dragonyhm and how you can pre-order a copy.

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