Nintendo Switch Sports was just released, and it’s a fun, safe option for the entire family! At least, it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, it seems that some players have managed to work their way around the game’s built-in profanity filter, enabling less than appropriate names when playing online in public rooms.

A new report from Kotaku details the numerous ways in which it’s possible to get around the game’s filters and give your cute little Switch Sports character a highly offensive name. These methods should be familiar to anyone who’s ever been ten years old on the Internet, such as using numbers instead of letters in certain forbidden words.


This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in the world of Nintendo, as anyone who remember Miiverse can attest to. If you give enough players a set of restrictions, some of them will look for ways to break them. Nintendo has yet to comment on the matter or indicate that they might try to solve the problem by updating the filter. For now, try to be vigilant if you’re playing Nintendo Switch Sports online with younger kids, and for crying out loud, keep it clean out there!


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