In Fortnite Festival, the stage is yours! Perform hit music by your favorite artists as the crowd cheers you and your bandmates. When you’re not on the Main Stage, mix hit music with other players on the Jam Stage.

Fortnite Festival will launch with award-winning artist The Weeknd as the featured Icon of Season 1: Opening Night.

Fortnite Festival is now live — take your stage and start playing for free today!


  • Created by Harmonix — the experts in rhythm-based gameplay — Fortnite Festival takes you on a note highway to rhythmically conquer in front of a roaring crowd.
  • Fortnite Festival features a top-tier licensed soundtrack of massive global hits spanning many genres and decades. Fortnite Festival also has a rotating selection of songs that can be played for free.
  • On the Main Stage, choose songs for your setlist, then use your preferred control method to shred on Guitar, slap with the Bass, kill it on Keytar, bang on the Drums, or take vocals on the Mic. The Main Stage supports parties of up to four players.
  • While on the Jam Stage, play the lead loop, Drum loop, Vox (Vocals) loop, or Bass loop of any Jam Track (songs you can perform in Fortnite Festival) in your Locker. Adjust the tempo, key, and major/minor setting to fine tune your mix, creating mashups that just might surprise you! The Jam Stage supports parties of up to four players.
  • Fan of Fortnite Battle Royale? You can also use this Jam System to create mixes in a match!
  • Season 1 runs from now until February 22, 2023, at 12 AM ET. During this time, keep the beat going in the Opening Night Festival Pass to unlock new Instruments, Jam Tracks, and more! The Opening Night Festival Pass has a free reward track and a Premium Reward Track upgrade.


  • Download Fortnite on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android, or PC.
  • Fortnite is also available through cloud gaming. Learn how to access any of these options here.
  • As the Festival continues to expand, connect with your friends through cross-platform play no matter what Fortnite-supported device you play on.
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