The last thing anyone wants is to damage their expensive video game consoles or equipment. In an effort to prevent such a thing from occurring, Nintendo Japan has posted a new article on their support page listing all the possible ways someone’s Switch might feasibly be damaged.

These scenarios are all based on actual damage which the Nintendo support team has experienced via Switch consoles sent to them for repair. Things to look out for include:

  • Dropping your Switch
  • Sitting on your Switch
  • Stuffing your Switch into a bag
  • Trying to insert the wrong cable into your Switch
  • Forcefully inserting or removing Joy-Cons
  • Exposing the Switch to rapidly changing temperatures
  • Leaving the Switch uncharged for long periods of time

Some of these items might seem like no-brainers to a responsible Switch owner, but you never know when one of these incidents could affect you! Click here to read through Nintendo’s full list of dangerous possibilities, and prepare yourself for the worst!

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