Pikmin 4 has now sold over 1 million copies in Japan

How many Pikmin would it take to carry all those?

14 December 2023
by quence 0

Pikmin fans rejoice, our time is nigh! According to the most recent sales charts, Pikmin 4 has now officially sold over 1 million copies in Japan. After selling an additional 26,879 copies in the past week, it’s official sales total is now 1,005,562.

Remember, this sales data only accounts for physical copies of the game, which means that Pikmin 4 has most likely surpassed that number by quite a bit more including digital numbers. Still, it’s an impressive milestone for a series that hasn’t always been the biggest mainstream hit.

Between Pikmin 4’s impressive sales and its recent win for Best Strategy Game at The Game Awards, things are looking good for Olimar, Oatchi and the rest! Let’s hope that there’s more Pikmin on the way soon.

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