Did You Know Gaming covers Nintendo's biggest leaks

They should really hire a plumber

16 December 2023
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Did You Know Gaming’s latest video is another entry in their Game History Secrets series. This time, they’re talking about some of the biggest leaks in gaming history - those moments in which publishers’ announcements got into the public eye before they were meant to.

This is an extensive two hour video which covers leaks from a variety of publishers and developers. Of course, Nintendo is no exception, as hard as they might try to keep a tight lid on their plans. Some of the big Nintendo leaks covered are Shulk’s debut in Super Smash Bros., and the early reveal of a Mario + Rabbids crossover game. There’s also one particularly infamous leak that involved the discovery of a plethora of Nintendo game code from their archives.

You’ll have to watch the full video to get the complete scoop on Nintendo’s leaks, as well as other Nintendo adjacent properties such as Sonic The Hedgehog 4. Leaks may be the bane of every big video game publisher, but their history can certainly be fascinating after the fact!

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