Luigi's Mansion 2 devs were partially inspired by Mr. Bean

This explains Luigi's head getting stuck in a turkey

19 December 2023
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Over the years, Luigi has undergone a transformation from Mario’s generic clone to comedic scaredy cat/goofball. A huge part of that development had to do with the Luigi’s Mansion series, which pitted him against a cavalcade of cartoonish ghosts. As it turns out, Luigi’s mannerisms were also partially inspired by a certain comedic British character.

As unearthed in the latest Did You Know Gaming video, the developers of Luigi’s Mansion 2 were encouraged to watch various TV shows while working on the game. This is because Shigeru Miyamoto had been watching episodic TV at the time, and thought Luigi’s Mansion 2 could work with a similar format.

One of the episodic shows the devs ended up taking the most inspiration from was Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean’s goofy mannerisms and tendency to be the butt of his own jokes were translated into Luigi’s exaggerated yelps and other physical comedy moments.

Sounds like we know who should be first in line to play Luigi if they ever make a live-action Luigi’s Mansion movie! Click here for the full video with more Luigi’s Mansion secrets and tidbits.

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