Helvetii will soon be receiving an update to Ver. 1.1.0. This update is already available on Steam, but we don’t have a release date for Switch just yet. Stay tuned, and check out the full patch notes below.

New Features

  • A new cooking minigame is available on the camp site. Pay Chef Bob to cook various meals that can give a stat buff to the whole party!
  • 31 new items, included new character specific artefacts, food, general treasures and Bob curios have been added to the game
  • Added new unlockable moves for all characters in the sigil menu
  • Each costumes will now have unique sub-attacks (down + attack on the ground). Note that some of the items have been replaced with new costume specific items.
  • You may encounter a new enemy in your travels: the Korrigan! Whack em before they run away and you could get a very nice prize ~
  • A new boss rush mode will appear in the main menu as soon as the game has been completed once (when hard mode gets unlocked)
  • Brazilian Portuguese localization has been added
  • A handful of new rooms have been added

General Changes

  • The Sigil screen has been reworked. It will now show you currented unlocked (but not acquired) sigils, acquired ones, and locked sigils will also show you what you need to do to obtain them. The toggle now toggles the characters instead.
  • Various stat and price changes applied to some of Bob’s food items
  • Bob now has random hints for you when talking to him
  • Added small alert sounds when overlapping with chests, altars or shops
  • Added support for Steam Deck buttons
  • Visual update to the mouse buttons to help differentiate them
  • Changed look of status effects to make them more readable

Character Changes

  • Added more “Combo branches” inputs, meaning being able to continue actions after accidentally falling off a platform while attacking
  • Charged attacks now reset air combos and can all be dash cancelled. It takes also slightly longer for the charge to start (12 more frames)
  • Made a few Divico hitboxes a bit more consistent and added more early cancels into other attacks (such as air heavy into stomp)
  • Changed the enemy pushback on Divico’s final heavy stab to avoid the enemy flying all over
  • Unyielding stance: Getting hit while doing strong attacks with this item will no longer reset the combo meter
  • Renart’s super attacks can chain faster into regular combos
  • Treacherous Reach has an added guard break effect on Renart’s Down+ ground attack
  • Snaz time now also gives +1 dexterity
  • Nammeios’s burst has its base cost reduced to 20 (from 30)
  • Nammeios’s charged attack (tornado) will now delete projectiles
  • Nammeios air dash attack will systematically reset Caros’s position
  • Nammeios’s Spirit Walk Item now gives +5 agility when powered up
  • Reduced the damage scaling of Toutatis’s left ability

Enemy Changes

  • Guarding enemies have been changed slightly, as now hitting the shield enough time will also trigger a guard break. However, if you wait too long, they will use a critical attack after guarding for a few seconds
  • The ogre’s whirlwind attack now will knock away all enemies in proximity
  • Mask of Want’s attack out of guard is faster
  • Blight demon’s HP has been increased
  • Blight demons’s hitboxes have been adjusted and will miss the player less often. All their attacks have a chance to bleed
  • Some of Octavius’s attacks have seen its damage slightly boosted as well as his health


  • A slight delay has been added between when you open the chest/activate an altar and are able to pick up an item/forge a pact to avoid accidental instant pick ups
  • Further general optimization
  • Fixed some faulty music and ambiance swaps

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