Digital Foundry is well known for their in-depth analyses of video game graphics and technology. Now, they’ve put together a feature compiling which games they think had the most impressive graphics overall from 2023. While the Nintendo Switch isn’t typically thought of as a graphical powerhouse, there are a couple of Switch games that were deemed worthy of a mention.

Metroid Prime Remastered is featured as an Honorable Mention. The team praises it as “one of the best looking Switch games ever made when you take into account how well it runs”, complimenting its impressive lighting and textures.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is also here as a nominee for best graphics of the year. This one gets a shout out for what it does with the level-transforming Wonder Flowers, when “the whole world just comes alive in a way that’s shocking and surprising, with visual effects that you don’t often see”.

Neither Metroid Prime nor Super Mario Bros. Wonder actually take home the win for Best Graphics of 2023, but considering the Switch’s older hardware, it’s pretty impressive to see them in the discussion! You can see the full video discussion and winners up above.

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