Coromon will soon be updated to Version 1.2.9 on the Nintendo Switch. It will officially be available on December 24th at 12pm ET. This update includes features from the previous 1.2.1 update, new skills, bugfixes, and more. You can read the full list of patch notes below.

Ver. 1.2.1

Game Updates

  • Added in-game achievements indicators.
  • Added copy & paste features when using the in-game keyboard.
  • Added sharing options for matchmaking codes when looking for a casual PvP match.
  • You can now configure up to 32 online Squads (up from 6).
  • The storyline has been completely overhauled, why not discover everything in a new adventure?
  • Added a Daily Milestones feature. Details listed further down.
  • Trainer battle UI will now keep track of the hp/sp of the opponent’s Coromon you’ve already seen.
  • The escape button in battles will become a forfeit button when you’re not able to flee
  • The Fire and Ice Titans have received small buffs/balances. Their skills are used more tactically &The Ice Titan increases its attack & special attack at the start of battle.

Game Fixes

  • Fixed Nullifier Rock not having any effect.
  • Fixed the following Traits to match their descriptions: Cleanse, Glacial Affinity, Resistant, Scrapper, Shock Absorber, Polished Body, Clear Skies, Restless, Menacing, Strategic.
  • The jumping challenge in the dojo now takes the speed multiplier into consideration.

New Daily Milestones Feature

We’ve added a Daily Milestone feature, which lets you earn rewards by completing small rotating tasks. There are 4 Daily Milestones each day, one always being “Play Coromon”, while the other 3 tasks will be randomly selected. Whenever the player achieves a Daily Milestone, a blinking dot will appear in the top right of the screen.

Clicking on this indicator, or navigating via the Milestone option in the pause menu, will bring you to the daily milestone menu. Here you can see your progress for daily tasks, and collect any outstanding rewards. Complete all daily tasks seven days in a row for an extra weekly bonus!

New Battle Dome Feature

After completing the game, you can find a new building in Radiant Park. Visit the desk to start an infinite challenge, and see how far you can come!

There are three modes in the Battle Dome, each with 4 difficulties (easy, normal, hard, insane). The modes are Infinite Wild Coromon, Infinite Trainer Mode (3v3), and Infinite Titan Mode.

In each mode you can choose a team of 3 Coromon. You’ll receive a starting amount of Dome Tokens and will be transported to the Battle Dome room. Spend your Dome Tokens here wisely on useful upgrades to get that much needed advantage in battles. Can you earn all of the Dome Stars?

Style Crystals

We’ve introduced a new shimmering currency, Style Crystals! They will only be used for fashion and flair! Stylish your Coromon or yourself with special items.

Coromon Skins

Coromon Skins can be accessed in four places in the UI:

  • Title Screen (by pressing the Style Crystals button)
  • Pause menu (by pressing the Style shop button)
  • Coromon Summary
  • Online screen (by pressing the Style Crystals button)

Special Character Wearables Can be accessed in three places in the UI:

  • Title Screen (by pressing the Style Crystals button)
  • Pause menu (by pressing the Style shop button)
  • Inventory (clothing tab)

Coromon skins and character wearables are divided into three tiers, increasing in complexity and each with their own Style Crystal price.

Online Loadout

In the online PvP screen you can obtain new CoroNet avatars to show off your style,ranging from flags to animated Coromon avatars.

New Coromon

Two new Coromon families have been added, the Ice-type Glacikid and Arctiram, and Normal-type Lemobi and Makinja

New Skills

  • Blessed Grounds; restore some HP of any team member being sent out into battle. Added to Daricara line.
  • Purifying Grounds; remove negative conditions from team members being sent out into battle. Added to Lumasect line.
  • Empowering Grounds; restore some SP of any team member being sent out into battle. Added to Blazitaur line.
  • Mystic Mesh; reflect negative stat boost to the attacker. Added to Makinja line.
  • Rubber Web; half the damage of incoming physical attacks. Added to Malavite line.
  • Spectral Lattice; half the damage of incoming special attacks. Added to Purrghast line.
  • Bewitch; makes the target only use damaging moves for a number of turns. Added to Armadon and Kyraptor lines.
  • Side Swap; Move the active effects on your side of the field to the opponent’s side and vice versa. Added to Atlantern line.
  • Ninja Stance; Let the user evade any attack this round. Chance to fail if used in succession. Added to Ucaclaw and Volcadon lines.

Balance Changes

  • Magnamire line: Added Menacing trait. Raised base HP to 149.
  • Taddle line; increased sp.Attack, decreased attack.
  • Blizzian line: increased speed.
  • Bearealis line: increased speed
  • Humbee line: added Sting skill.
  • Megalobite line: added Watercooled trait
  • Blizzian line: added Power Talons skill. Removed Feint Spurts as a learnable Skill Flash.
  • Blazitaur line: added Upshift skill.
  • Decibite line: added Sand Skewers skill.
  • Mudma line: added Dark Atmosphere trait.
  • Lumon line: added Wind Blast.
  • Sparkle Slam skill: changed to 85 BP, 100 Acc (was 80 BP 90 Acc)
  • Heated Horns skill: changed to 55 BP, 90 Acc (was 35 BP 90 Acc)
  • Headbash skill: decreased base power to 110 (was 130 BP)

New Items

Several new items have been added.

  • Paya Fruit: Removes any condition immediately when applied.
  • Fruit Drone: Retrieves all of the ripe Fruits in Velua with the press of a button!
  • Coromon Storage: Access the Coromon Storage from anywhere in Velua.
  • Potential Stone: Unlock hidden potential! Make any Coromon become Potent!
  • Perfection Stone: Unleash the true potential! Make any Coromon become Perfect!
  • Level Cake. Level up a Coromon by 1 level.
  • Level Matcher. Sets the level of a Coromon to the same level as your strongest Squad member.
  • Escape Flash. Instantly escape from a wild battle.
  • Skill Flash Rubber Web.
  • Skill Flash Bastion.
  • Skill Flash Spectral Lattice.

New Languages

We’ve added support for the following new languages besides those already present:

  • English – UK
  • Dutch
  • French – Canadian
  • Spanish – Latin
  • Turkish
  • Hindi
  • Filipino
  • Indonesian
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Arabic

New Difficulty Settings

By adding some new customizable difficulty setting you can spice up your game even more.

  • Randomize Types
  • Randomize Titan order
  • Smarter Trainer AI: Trainers make better decisions, will be able to switch out Coromon and use Fruits more strategically.
  • Smarter Coromon AI: Wild Coromon and Titans make better decisions and often use Fruit they picked up from the ground.
  • Shift Coromon level: Change the level of all Coromon, as well as the level they evolve at (-10 – 35)
  • Mutate Trainer Coromon level: Adjust Trainer Coromon level (-50% – +50%)
  • Mutate Wild Coromon level: Adjust Wild Coromon level (-50% – +50%)
  • Mutate Titan level: Adjust Titan level (-50% – +50%)
  • Swurmy Only Mode: It’s a Swurmy Coromon, in a Swurmy world!

Ver. 1.2.9

  • several bugfixes
  • improvements to the Fruit Drone
  • some new outfits

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