Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and Pokémon Masters EX, have all received a content update. Check out the full details for each game below via

Super Mario Run

  • [Event] The latest Weekend Spotlight is now live, and it’s all about Retro Items. Here’s the items you can get from the Super Bonus game in Remix 10: 8-Bit Super Mushroom Trim (10%), 8-bit Fire Flower Trim (10%), 8-bit Super Star Trim (10%), 8-bit Mario Trim (10%), 8-bit Super Mushroom Statue (8%), 8-bit 1-Up Mushroom Statue (8%), 8-bit Fire Flower Statue (8%), 8-bit Super Star Statue (8%), Classic 8-bit Small Mario Statue (4%), Modern 8-bit Small Mario Statue (4%), Classic 8-bit Small Luigi Statue (4%), Modern 8-bit Small Mario Statue (4%), 8-bit Peach Statue (4%), 8-bit Toad Statue (4%), and 8-bit Bowser Statue (4%) (available until January 8th)

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • [Events] The latest Hall of Forms event is now over. The following Heroes are still available as Forma Units: Yune (Chaos Goddess), Micaiah (Wavecrest Maiden), Elincia (Seaside Queen), and Nailah (Hatari Scorcher) (available until January 24th)
  • [Events] The latest Heroes Journey event is now live (available until January 10th)
  • [Quests] A new set of Daily Quests is now live: Heroes Journey (available until January 10th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

  • [Cookies] A returning Fortune Cookie and related set of Stamp Trade rewards are now available: Cranston’s temple cookie (available until January 12th)

Pokémon Masters EX

  • [Other] The new Gear from the Bug-type Gear event is now available via the General tab of the Exchange Items menu (no end date)
  • [Events] The latest Daily Battle: Blissful Bonanza event, is now live. A special battle featuring Happiny and Chansey will take place on January 9th and January 12th (available until January 13th)
  • [Missions] A new set of Event Missions is now live: Blissful Bonanza (available until January 13th)
  • [Events] The latest Training Area Reward Boost Rally is now live (available until January 13th)

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