Microsoft has been pretty friendly with Nintendo in recent years, even referring to some Switch players as part of the XBox community. This sentiment stems from games like Minecraft being available on Nintendo’s console. Now, rumors are pointing to Microsoft bringing a new first party title to the Switch, and speculators seem to agree that rhythm/action game Hi-Fi Rush is the most likely candidate.

In a new video from YouTuber Nate the Hate, he goes over a list of predictions for XBox in 2024. He also reveals that he has some inside info about Microsoft bringing at least one first party game to the Switch. Although he doesn’t name a specific game, he says, “The title I am referring to was met with high critical acclaim, fans loved it, it was in the GOTY conversation the year it released. When the announcement comes I think it’s going to be met with a lot of excitement because this is a quality game.”

2023’s critically acclaimed game Hi-Fi Rush certainly seems to fit the bill. Over on Resetera, known leaker lolilolailo seemingly confirms this suspicion with a post of their own.

Of course, all of this is just rumor and speculation right now. Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement on the subject, and it could very well not come to pass even if there is some truth to it. Still, it does seem in character for Microsoft these days, and Hi-Fi Rush would make a great fit for the Switch.

Below, you can watch Nate the Hate’s original video. The relevant discussion begins at around the 1:07:38 mark.

UPDATE: An Aussie classification for Hi-Fi Rush has popped up and it does mention the Switch as a supported platform. That said, Aussie ratings often use multiplatform labeling that ends up being incorrect. Furthermore, this listing was apparently filed in December of 2022 and it uses the name Project 2022A instead of Hi-Fi Rush. It’s only because of the information below the rating that we know this listing is for Hi-Fi Rush.

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