It’s usually a pretty safe bet that Nintendo will come out with a new Direct presentation at some point early in the year. That bet seems to be a little safer now, as gaming insider Jeff Grubb has indicated that one is likely to occur next month.

This bit of info comes from one of Giant Bomb’s latest Twitch streams. During the stream, Grubb says, “You can always count on a Nintendo Direct in February. It is almost certainly going to happen in February, again.”

Jeff Grubb has been the source behind some juicy Nintendo rumors in the past, and of course, some rumors pan out while others don’t. However, this one just seems like common sense, as Nintendo has shown a pattern of featuring a Direct in February in recent years. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we get more info on this year’s slate of games!

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5M ago

I'd be more surprised if we don't get a direct than if we do.


5M ago

I suspect this is a safe prospect. My question is whether it’s too early in the year for the next console announcement? I’m confident it will be revealed this year, but February feels early with solid Switch titles on the horizon. However, if the next console is backwards compatible, then perhaps the risk of impacting software sales is slim?

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