YouTuber recreates the cancelled Nintendo Playstation hybrid

Hey, you got Nintendo in my Playstation!

09 January 2024
by quence 0

Nintendo and Sony are currently working together on a Legend of Zelda movie, but they almost formed an earlier partnership way back in the 90s. At one point, plans were in place to create a hybrid console referred to as the “Nintendo PlayStation”. The system would have supported SNES cartridges as well as CD-ROM games, but disputes over profits and licensing led to the project’s downfall. Sony then released their own Playstation, and the rest is history.

Now, Youtuber James Channel has recreated a Nintendo Playstation of his very own by combining the parts of actual vintage Playstation and SNES consoles. In the above video, you can watch through his full efforts to create this Frankenstein’s monster of a system. In the end, it does indeed play both Super Nintendo and Playstation games - a long dead dream finally realized!

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