It’s been a few months since we last got new Game Boy Advance games added to Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pack offerings. That might be about to change according to the indications of well known leaker Pyoro.

In a tweet Pyoro made online this morning, he posted simply, “GBA this time”. This post was shared as a response to another of his tweets from August, which just read “N64”. As it happens, we got the announcement of Excitebike 64 being released later that day.

This is just a rumor for now, with no official confirmation whatsoever. However, if Pyoro is right on the money once again, we could be getting a GBA announcement of some kind later tonight (though the game(s) might not be available right away).

There are still plenty of big Nintendo GBA titles that aren’t yet available on the NSO service. Which games do you hope to see announced?

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6M ago

It's probably Golden Sun


6M ago

Huh. Leaking updates for a service dedicated to decades-old games.

What's the point?


6M ago

That Pyoro guy is no fun.