QubicGames has announced that they’re hosting a 2024 New Year Giveaway in which players can grab 12 of their Switch eShop games for free. There is a small catch, in that you’ll need to purchase one of their qualifying games between January 12th and January 15th in order to participate in the giveaway. Fortunately, they have titles that are listed for under a dollar, and even one (Coloring Book) that’s completely free! So depending on what you do or don’t own on the Switch already, it won’t cost much to qualify.

Once you’ve qualified, you’ll be able to visit the eShop for twelve consecutive days beginning on January 15th, 2024, and receive that day’s free game. The first day’s game is Pocket Mini Golf 2, and the game for January 16th is Good Night, Knight. More will be announced later on, with two games being given away on the final day, January 25th.

If you miss any of the games, you’ll need to re-buy the previous day’s game in order to qualify for more free games on the following days. Click here to view QubicGames’ entire catalog on the Switch eShop and get ready for the giveaway beginning January 15th!

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6M ago

I'd bite if I didn't have to spend that initial 50 cents to "qualify". They've done this type of giveaway before and their games are pretty low quality, even 50 cents is asking too much for any of them.