It’s always a struggle to keep up with the latest video game releases, but it feels like that’s never been truer than in 2023. Apparently, things were even tougher if you were a Switch gamer.

As pointed out by industry analyst Anthony Silva, the Switch had more games released last year than any other home console, with a total of 2,360 games. This is the most games released for a console in a single year in history. Analyst Mat Piscatella shares more details below:

Of course, Valve’s Steam platform has Nintendo beat with a record breaking 14,000 games released last year. That’s a pretty big number, but the Switch’s 2,360 is still nothing to sneeze at. That means that on average, there were over six games released for every day of the year!

Now, how many of those 2,360 games are actually worth playing is another story… Nonetheless, the sheer volume of games released indicates the Nintendo Switch’s immense popularity. We’ll see if 2024 continues the trend, or if things start to wind down as rumors of a potential successor continue to emerge.

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5M ago

"Quality over quantity" went out the window a long time ago.
I'm gonna take a wild guess here and say that 1,360 of those were rogue-likes and 856 were titles ending in "Simulator"...


5M ago


And at least 30 of them were clock simulators. You know, 'games'.