Team Solo takes the win in Frosty Fest!

It may not be dangerous to go alone...

15 January 2024
by zjmaster 4

Congratulations to Team Solo on winning the Frosty Fest by completing destroying the competition (myself included as a Team Family member).


One can only wonder if Team Friends and Team Family were too busy hanging out and chilling with people while Team Solo focused on the win…

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6M ago

Yay to be on the winning team. A few complaints though, why didn't they allow taking pictures with Deep Cut and the Squid Sisters in their outfits when using the amiibo? Also, I didn't get the gear for this Splatfest :(


6M ago


Once I thought I missed the special gear, but launching the game from the News article worked, even after the Splatfest. Maybe it's worth a try...


6M ago

As an introvert I approve this message!

Haha, I'm an introvert as well, and would have chosen Solo any day of the week... except for the holidays that I always spend with three family members.