Peanut Butter the Shiba Inu speedruns NES game Gyromite during AGDQ stream

Ain't no rules says a dog can't play Gyromite

16 January 2024
by quence 0

The Awesome Games Done Quick streaming event is taking place all this week, and it features plenty of talented players running through games at top speeds. Perhaps the greatest of them all however, is Peanut Butter the Shiba Inu.

In a stream that took place earlier today, Peanut Butter successfully led a speedrun of the NES classic Gyromite. As you may recall, Gyromite makes use of the R.O.B. peripheral, wherein R.O.B. the robot presses buttons as required. For this run however, Peanut Butter’s owner trained him to take R.O.B.’s place and push those buttons himself. Sure, he’s getting a little help and some encouragement via delicious treats, but this very good boy really does play through Gyromite quick!

Click here to check out Peanut Butter’s impressive run, which lasts a total of 26 minutes and 24.5 seconds.

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