Japanese Switch eShop releases for the week of Jan. 25th, 2024

How could you object to these releases?

16 January 2024
by quence 0

It’s time once again to take a look at the games heading to the Switch in Japan. Here’s what’s slated to hit the system for the week ending Jan. 25th, 2024. Remember, this isn’t the final list, as there’s always some surprises each week.

  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy
  • Agatha Christie - Murder on the Orient Express
  • Boaty Tanks 2
  • Cute Critters Pet Kitty
  • Evil Nun: The Broken Mask
  • Hitman: Blood Money — Reprisal
  • Oops, I Said Yes?!
  • Saga of the Moon Priestess
  • Selling Souls
  • Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island
  • Sudama Relation
  • Tenka Touitsu SSB
  • UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH II Sys:Celes Deluxe Edition
  • Which I Do You Like?
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Hanayui no Kirameki Vol. 1 - Vol. 4

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