Square Enix has released a ton of Kingdom Hearts merch over the years, and it seems that line isn’t going to end anytime soon. Even though we’re just weeks into 2024, a new Kingdom Hearts item has already been revealed, and you can pre-order today.

Next up in the never-ending Kingdom Hearts merch line is a light-up Kingdom Key Keyblade, which is priced at roughly $60. This item will ship out sometime in May 2024, and best of all, it’s available to pre-order from the official Square Enix shop in North America.

There are actually two different versions of this key available to purchase; the KINGDOM KEY DARK SIDE and KINGDOM KEY Ver. 2. Version 2 of this 14-inch handheld Keyblade features an increased light intensity and more clearly visible keyhole mark. Version 2 features a gold grip and gray key, while the dark side option has a gray grip and gold key.

If you’d like to get a closer look at these light-up keys, you can find both on the Square Enix online store.

UPDATE: If you missed these the first time around, we’ve got some wonderful news. Square Enix Japan has announced a restock for the line, and it’s set to launch on August 24th, 2024. While this is only for the Japanese side of things, it’s likely we’ll see more stock stateside as well. You can also keep an eye out on import retailers as we near the restock to try and snag one.

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