Over the past year, Square Enix released music boxes featuring songs from various Final Fantasy games. Those music boxes haven’t been regularly in stock since then, but almost all of them are coming back soon!

The following music boxes will be available again on April 20th, 2024 on Square Enix’s Japanese web store:

  • Final Fantasy VII Main Theme
  • Final Fantasy VII Aerith’s Theme
  • Final Fantasy VII Tifa’s Theme - Seventh Heaven
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake On Our Way
  • Final Fantasy VIII Love Grows
  • Final Fantasy IX Melodies of Life
  • Final Fantasy X To Zanarkand
  • Final Fantasy X Suteki da ne
  • Final Fantasy XV Valse di Fantastica
  • Final Fantasy Opening Theme
  • Final Fantasy VI Searching for Friends

Each of these music boxes costs 2,200 yen, or about $16 USD. Click here to browse the collection and pre-order one for yourself!

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