Have you ever wanted to play the original Super Mario Kart with fixed camera angles in the style of old school Resident Evil games? Probably not, but a new mod will allow you to do just that anyway!

Shared by Mario Kart modder MrL314, the “Resident Evil Kart” mod has been referred to by its maker as “the worst thing I have ever created”. As you can see in the above video, playing with the mod makes it so the camera no longer follows your driver/kart as in the original SNES game. Instead, fixed camera positions are utilized, shifting only once your driver reaches certain points. As you might imagine, this creates a challenge as you’ll need to adjust to new angles and alter your directional steering frequently throughout each race.

Up for the challenge? The Resident Evil Kart mod is available for free now. It might just be the scariest thing you’ve experienced since playing an actual Resident Evil game.


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