Don’t Starve Together has just released their ‘Winter’s Feast’ update, bringing the game to Version 1.11.0. This update includes new winter themed activities and items. See below for the full patch notes.

Tales From the Constant: Swine & Dine

Grab your popcorn and gather ‘round for a hair-raising tale of terror from the Constant’s resident campfire story aficionado.

Skill Spotlight: Wigfrid and Willow

  • Willow Skill Tree added.
  • Wigfrid Skill Tree added.
  • Try your hand at some ice fishing. Who knows what you’ll catch.

Winter’s Feast

Lots of festive activities provide entertainment for all our Survivors. Visit the Deerclops, See Klaus’s Gem Deer! There’s fun, food, and treats from the Festive Table, or start your own bakery. And lots more. Winter’s feast is fun, forest, and fantasy all rolled into one!

An Uncommon Holiday

Winter skins have appeared to get our survivors into the winter spirit, and for a limited time, the chances of receiving a rare gift have been substantially increased!

Festive Holiday Attire

For the duration of the Winter’s Feast event, players will have access to a free set of skins. The Yuletide Overcoat, Yuletide Frock, Jingly Tophat, Gingerbread Chest, and the Plum Pudding Cap.

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