The promotional tour for former Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aimé’s new book is still going strong, and his latest appearance comes as a guest on Game Informer’s All Things Nintendo podcast. The podcast comes in at just under an hour, and the entire episode is spent talking to Reggie about his book and his career with Nintendo. Here are a few tidbits touched on in the podcast:

  • Reggie’s first Nintendo game was Super Mario World
  • Breath of the Wild has now replaced A Link to the Past as Reggie’s favorite Nintendo game
  • The pace of working with restaurants and other industries helped set him up for working in video games
  • Reggie’s introductory line at E3 was changed from “I’m about making games” to “We’re about making games” in the interest of being more genuine and inclusive of the company as a whole
  • Reggie’s first meeting with Miyamoto revolved around his comments on the Nintendo DS prototype and their agreement on emphasizing touch controls
  • Reggie doesn’t know that he would’ve lasted as long at Nintendo without the support of Satoru Iwata
  • He tried to differentiate his book from other business memoirs by telling stories and prominently summarizing the lessons/takeaways from each anecdote
  • The Wii U’s failures (confusing launches, technological limits) and successes (off screen play) were instrumental in guiding the future of the Switch
  • The success of the Switch made Reggie feel comfortable retiring, enabled him to pass on his leadership skills before leaving
  • The original concept for his book was “all the real world skills you can learn playing video games”, but publishers told him it wouldn’t sell enough
  • He sees Elden Ring as a good recent example of a game that could impart real world skills and strategies

You can listen to the podcast episode featuring Reggie in its entirety here, or via your podcast app of choice.

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