While Monolith Soft has helped Nintendo work on numerous titles over the last few years, their bread-and-butter has been the Xenoblade series. The company has been toiling away on Xenoblade titles for well over a decade now, with each installment bringing all sorts of praise and recognition. While many expect Monolith Soft to be hard at work on the next Xenoblade title right now, it appears the company might have something else in the pipeline.

Monolith Soft has shared a new job listing, and they’re looking for a developer with some very specific expertise. According to the job listing, Monolith Soft is in need of a developer who can handle work on “3D action games.” No specifics on the game itself are shared, but the listing does mention that the dev will be tackling character control, enemy behavior, scene progression, and more.

Now, could this listing be related to a new Xenoblade game? That’s certainly a possibility, as it all depends on how you define Xenoblade games. Most people would call them RPGs or Action RPGs, but they definitely have a 3D action element to them. Whether Monolith Soft used this term to throw people off the Xenoblade scent or they’re actually working on something new remains to be seen.

UPDATE: Monolith Soft has since posted more job listings. Now the company is looking for developers who fit the following requirements:

  • Experience developing consumer game titles
  • Experience developing games using game engines
  • Experience in a large team at the level of AAA titles

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giancarlo thomaz senoni

5M ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 4 with a more action focus?


5M ago

It'd be nice if they were developing a follow-up to XB X... Just sayin'... =)