First there was the Switch, then came the portable-only Switch Lite. Nintendo then followed that up with arguably the best version of their current-gen hardware, the Switch OLED. Many people flocked to the Switch OLED when it came out, leaving Switch Lite to languish somewhat in sales. One modder thinks he knows a way to fix that, and it all comes down to the screen.

The Switch OLED has an absolutely gorgeous screen for those that play in handheld mode, so why doesn’t the Switch Lite have the same treatment? The Switch Lite can literally only be played portably, which is why modder Taki Udon felt it deserved the OLED treatment. It doesn’t appear Nintendo has plans to make such a platform, which leaves it up to fans to do their work for them.

As you can see in the video at the top of this post, Taki Udon has pieced together a Switch Lite OLED and the results are pretty impressive. The comparison shows off how this custom Switch Lite OLED compares to the original Switch Lite, and it’s quite easy to tell which is which. That’s not the only trick up this mod’s sleeve though, as it’s also going to include HDMI output, although it would be capped at 720p.

If you plan to ignore Nintendo’s warnings and break warranties, you could get this mod crammed into your own Switch Lite at some point. Taku Udon estimates that it would cost roughly $25 to $50 for the makeover.

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