The Super Bowl is still over a week away, but companies are starting to release their commercials online early. That includes Paramount+, who shared a goofy commercial today advertising some of the properties they’ve got on their streaming service. That includes Knuckles, from the Sonic the Hedgehog series!

Knuckles doesn’t feature too prominently in the commercial, but he was chosen to feature on screen alongside such heavy hitters as Drew Barrymore and Peppa Pig. In response to Patrick Stewart’s idea to throw Arnold from Hey Arnold as a climbing device, Knuckles comments that this is “smart thinking”. He also follows up with an encouraging “throw him”.

It sounds like Idris Elba himself is doing the voice for Knuckles in this ad, as he’ll be reprising his role in the upcoming Knuckles TV show. Although it isn’t available to watch just yet, the live action Knuckles TV show is scheduled to hit Paramount+ sometime in 2024. Supposedly, it will feature six episodes and take place in between the second and third Sonic the Hedgehog movies. Until then, you can see Knuckles on your TV screen during the upcoming Super Bowl Sunday!

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5M ago

That thumbnail is horrifying


5M ago

I can't tell if I'm jaded or if this is the weakest flex of talent and IP I've seen in awhile. I just feel like they didn't know what to do with any of those actors and characters.

I'm not even mad. I just feel very underwhelmed.