Pikmin 4 Adventure Ep 3 - Finding White and Winged Pikmin

Also known as "pink" Pikmin

03 February 2024
by quence 0

Nintendo is back with another Pikmin 4 promo over on their family friendly Play Nintendo YouTube channel. Episode 3 of the Pikmin 4 Adventure series introduces viewers to two more types of Pikmin - White and Winged. This video covers each Pikmin type’s main attributes along with some gameplay footage showcasing how they can be utilized.

There’s so many Pikmin in the Pikmin 4 game and our host Jordan is on a mission to find and research as many of them as they can! In part 3 of their research mission, Jordan is on the hunt for White and Winged Pikmin. But there’s also a special final Pikmin they need you to help find. Are you up for the challenge?

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