The Ender Dragon is just about the closest thing that Minecraft has to a ‘final boss’. In such an open ended survival game, she fits in nicely as a challenging, long term goal for players to work toward. But there wasn’t always an Ender Dragon in Minecraft. In a new video on their YouTube channel, Mojang employees discuss exactly how this mob came to be, as well as the how and why behind its behavior and lore. A must watch for Minecraft fans and historians!

Ever wondered how the Ender Dragon came to be? Journey with us to a dimension called the past as a group of long-standing Mojangers desperately try and remember what happened back in 2011. Why are the Ender Dragon and Endermen fighting? Why are there so many Endermen in the End? Is the Ender Dragon guarding something? These are all questions and we’re asking them. Don’t miss it!

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