Working the kinks out of games is a tough process, and Hogwarts Legacy was apparently no exception. You’ll find proof of this in the recently shared Developer Blooper Reel for the game, which is embedded above. The reel consists of dev recordings of various bugs, errors, and visual glitches that needed to be ironed before the game’s official release.

As noted at the start of the video, there may be some minor spoiler content involved, so be warned if you’re trying to avoid any story or environment details. There are also some cut/altered assets on display, as the video represents work that was being done while the game was still in an unfinished state.

Nobody’s happy when bugs make their way into a final product, but watching this reel should help you appreciate just how many issues need to be cleaned up by the devs that no one ever has to see. Of course, if you do encounter any bugs in Hogwarts Legacy, you can always just chalk it up to bad magic.

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