The Xenoblade Chronicles games feature some iconic boxarts that are instantly recognizable, even to casual fans. In an interview newly translated by the team at Nintendo Everything, Nintendo employee Osamu Nagai details the process of creating Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s boxart, and what makes it so memorable.

According to Nagai, a fair bit of research was done before designing the game’s art and logo. He played through the previous games, and read reviews and feedback in order to discover what elements of the series captured fans’ imaginations the most. It was also important to him to incorporate elements from the first two games in the cover of the third.

Here, he details how all of these aspects came together:

An important thing when designing the key visual and logo for this game was that, as the final part to the Xenoblade trilogy, it had to connect back to the previous two games. Also, to make it clear that this was the newest game in the series, the designs also needed to reflect the “charms unique to itself” (individuality).

When designing the logo, what I paid attention to was the particles of light that appear when people mourn. In-game, it is an effect that leaves a strong impression. Using this effect in the logo’s design was meant to demonstrate one of the core themes of this game’s story – the fleetingness of life.

For the design of the key visual, I used the concept art from development as a base, then combined it with the giant Mechonis Sword and Titan that were in the previous games’ boxarts.

Xenoblade 3 takes place on the land of Aionios, which is a combination of the first and second games’ worlds. I think that we managed to show both the connection to previous games as well as the large scale of the new game.

Also, to further symbolize that, we put the six main characters in the foreground and made their shadows fan out, and this design would draw people’s attention to the giant statues in the center.

[Osamu Nagai]

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4M ago

Best game made for the Switch (this technicality excludes Metroid Prime and Xenoblade 1). I know I'm in the minority (just compare it to Zelda sales), but it really is an amazing conclusion to the trilogy if you've played the first 2 - especially with the Future Redeemed DLC.