F-Zero made its debut on the Super Nintendo in 1990, but that wasn’t its only appearance on the console. Using Nintendo’s Japan-only Satellaview add-on, players could download two additional F-Zero experiences in 1996 and 1997. These were known as BS F-Zero Grand Prix 1 & 2, and they included multiple new cars and tracks. While there’s no longer an official way to play them, fans have stepped in to make it possible.

In the latest video from Did You Know Gaming, they explore the ins and outs of these two lost F-Zero games and what they contained. In particular, they focus on the recent recreation of BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2. While Grand Prix 1’s ROM data eventually made its way online, Grand Prix 2 has never surfaced in a playable capacity. Fortunately, a video of the game survived, and modders were able to use that as a source to put together their own version.

You can actually experience the F-Zero Grand Prix games for yourself right now! Watch through the Did You Know Gaming video up above to get a full picture of these forgotten titles.

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