RUMOR: Switch successor "likely to include" a custom Nvidia chip

With a possible release this year

10 February 2024
by quence 3

Rumors of a new Nintendo console and its potential features continue to emerge. The latest comes from Reuters, and it has to do with a new business unit being run by GPU manufacturer Nvidia. Nvidia’s new unit will apparently be focused on “designing bespoke chips for cloud computing firms and others, including advanced artificial intelligence (AI) processors”.

While the Reuters’ article focuses mainly on the AI applications of such a chip, a quote from the end will be of interest to Nintendo fans:

Nintendo’s current Switch handheld console already includes Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip. A new version of the Switch console expected this year is likely to include a Nvidia custom design, one source said.


The quote is pretty vague, and the source is unnamed, so it’s difficult to verify the validity of this statement. That said, it makes sense that Nintendo would stick with Nvidia for their follow-up to the Switch. Reuters reached out to Nintendo, but they declined to comment (to the surprise of no one).

Whether or not the Switch does include a bespoke Nvidia chip (or if it releases this year) is anyone’s guess. If recent rumors are to be believed, we may find out for sure sooner, rather than later. You can read Reuters’ full report for more info and speculation on Nvidia’s new projects.

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Comments (3)


4M ago

How many times does this exact thing have to be "rumored" or or "leaked" before we stop posting this exact thing? We'e had this info "leaked" from Nvidia sources since 2021, so I hardly think it's worth giving someone else any mention anymore, especially when it's even more vague than 3 years ago.


4M ago

Man that is some Captain Obvious level low-rent rumor info.


4M ago

Its not gonna be shown before the end of the current fiscal year based on last years report, if there is any reliable source its that. In more recent times for example they said there that they were gonna focus less on games and more on dlc, which has come to be true, and alot of other stuff there. It should almost be covered as hard as E3 but there is no trailers just very solid information from those shareholderevents.