Things have been pretty quiet on the Mega Man front lately, but it appears Capcom has been working on some marketing opportunities behind the scenes. Just today, G FUEL has revealed that they’re collaborating with Capcom on a special Mega Man-branded flavor.

G FUEL has announced that a ‘Blue Bomber Slushee’ flavor of their energy drink is on the way. This Mega Man-inspired beverage is sugar-free, and has a vanilla/blue raspberry flavor. As seen above, this flavor will also have a special Collector’s Box option, complete with a Mega Man-branded can, and cup.

There’s no info on pricing or release date yet, but you can check out more pics of the Collector’s Box and join a waiting list for the product here.

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2y ago

The Mega Man energy drink is pretty good. Made me feel MEGA! I'll have to give this a try.